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How Can I Advertise My Beach Vacation Rental Or Bed and Breakfast For Free?

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So you have a beautiful beach vacation rental, condo or bed and breakfast, you have a great location, the pillows are fluffed, the windows are cleaned and the weather is perfect, now all you need is some bookings. Sometimes the web can seem too big, too many choices, far to easy to get lost in the millions of websites competing for position. What is your first step towards making money with your beach vacation property or bed and breakfast? How do you use the internet to your best advantage?

We know it can be expensive getting your property found on the internet so you want to maximize your marketing on promotional budget. It is not enough to create a website and launch it on the web, the top search engines are constantly looking for sites that have many connections across the web, the more links back to your site the better you will look to search engines.

A great way of driving specific traffic to your beach accommodation is to take advantage of Google AdWords. They allow you to specifically target your customers using beach related keywords such as, pet friendly beach, beach accommodation, beach bed and breakfast, beach rental, beach vacation rentals etc. Create your custom ad using your own words and try different wording to test your results. If you are on a budget, don’t worry you can set a daily expenses to match your budget.

A good free option with Google is to add your vacation property to Google maps, simply go to the Google local business center and register for a Google account if you do not already have one, at this point you can click on the add a new business icon. And fill in the details of your beach vacation property. After you finish this process you will have a presence on the internet.

Join an online forum, search for a couple that is directly related to you property, whether it is a bed and breakfast, vacation rental or beachfront condo. Make insightful contributions to the forum you join and sign each contribution with your property name or web address.

One of you best tools is to use a beach accommodation directory. There seems to be quiet a few general accommodation directories out there, the drawback with these accommodation directories is that they are often huge and unfocused, visitors must trowel through hours of listings before they find what they are looking for. These sites are very general in their focus, your listing can get lost in the crowd. You need a more specific accommodation directory that focuses in on the key market your customers are looking for, you have a beach accommodation by or near the beach, make it easy for your customers by sending them directly where they need to be.

Find an up and coming beach accommodation directory site. These sites have a few things going for them that you can take full advantage of. First of all, a beach accommodation directory caters to a very specific niche, it caters to beach accommodation on or near the beach only. There is no risk of being absorbed into the masses on other listing categories like other directories. Find very user friendly site that is appealing to eye the site developers should be working extremely aggressively to have top search engine positioning. Secondly, find a site that offers their listings free of charge. New directories will offer this service for the simple reason that they need fresh content on their site.

Find a relatively new and developing site, a directory that is still in the development stage, can work to your advantage. Any accommodation directory you can find in its development stage will often offer great value to their new members, they are hungry to develop their search engine positioning. Take full advantage of these free directory deals, because you never know, a aggressive beach web directory could be sending hundreds, if not thousands of potential customers to your beach bed and breakfast, beach house, beach rental, beach rooms or beach condo, and you didn’t pay a penny for it. You had the foresight to take advantage of a beach rental directory in it’s early stages, frankly as a accommodation provider you have nothing to lose.

Remember none of this will help you if your business website is not up to much, your site is most likely the very first look possibly guests will have of your property, make a good impression, with all the choice on the net, you do not want to lose any guests once they have actually found you. So make sure your photo’s are not to dark, the site is easy to navigate through, the content relevant with easy access to rates, availability, location, and general area information, highlight any special features of your property whether it be a stellar location or is wheel chair accessible. Savvy net users know to check how many visitors have been through there site every day using Google analytics, they know how long each visitor stayed and what pages were most popular, if you find that you are getting the visitors but they are not hanging around, it might be time to update the site or update the pics or even update the property, something is not appealing to visitors and if you do not want to lose business you have got to make it right.

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